Working Environment and Welfare Policy

Employees are the most important assets in a company. It is our main goal to have employees to work in a safe environment and grow with the Company at the same time.

Following please find the implement status of employee welfare, training and retirement plan in our company.
Also you can find the relationship report of employees, the status report of employee rights protection and the environment report.

Employee Welfare

Fringe Benefit

  • Employee welfare is conducted based on labor-related laws. Besides that, a group insurance is undertaken for every employee as a fringe benefit. Also, physical examinations for employees are conducted in a regular basis.
  • Sporting facilities: there are an interior tennis court, an interior badminton court and a table tennis court inside the building. Employees are encouraging to use all the sporting facilities to get exercises and relaxations.
  • Free interior parking lots: there are huge parking spaces in the buildings and the parking lots are freely provided to the employees.
  • A variety combination of salary package: several bonuses are included in the package (seasonal greeting cash gifts for dragon-boat festival, mid-autumn festival and Chinese lunar new year). There are also bonuses for outstanding performance and profit sharing to be issued with no fix schedule.

Employee Welfare

Employee caring welfares including: annual domestic/ foreign employee travels, ball games, contracted stores with special discounts, birthday parties for employee, annual party, seasonal greeting cash gifts, and subsidy for new born babies, subsidy for traveling, subsidy for weddings and funerals.

Training Procedures

There are annual training programs planned for employees in different aspects. Professional trainings are designed for each employee and management knowledge programs are designed for management team to strengthen their management skill.

Retirement Program

To take good cares of employee, a well-designed retirement program is conducted. The old allocation rate and allocation proportion: pension fund was raised in Taiwan Bank Pension Account according to pension actuarial results. A new pension fund was raised in the pension account in Bureau of Labor Insurance based on the new pension program launched in 2005/7/1.

Labor Relations and Employee Rights Protection

To protect employee rights and maintain a good labor relation, a labor meeting will be held periodically to help the communications between employers and employees, to deliver new official/ labor law related announcements as a both ways channel.

Working Environment and Employee Safety Protection

Taiwan Mask Corporation is a mask house in Hsin-Chu Science Park. The factory is located in the self-owned building which is qualified by the authority of Science Park.

Environment Safety

Periodical verification and reporting of firefighting facilities and equipments for public use. All area inside and outside this building is no-smoking area based on government regulation.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of office area to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for employees.

Access Controlling and Safety Monitoring

Access controlling system and monitors are set up in every entrance. And 2 shifts of patrolling are running 24 hours a day to secure a safety working environment.

Contracted Supplier Operations

The Company is responsible for the safety protection of employees from contracted suppliers according to Labor Safety and Health related regulations.
The Company needs to make sure that all operations conducted by employees from contracted suppliers meet all standard procedures, and reports to the authority of Science Park when necessary. All possible measures are applied to prevent working accidents and to provide a safe working environment.

Working Environment and Welfare Policy Documents