Supplier Management

Supplier Management Policy

Suppliers are the best partners of TMC. When evaluating a supplier, the main points are:
a.) quality and delivery on-time rate.
b.) environmental protection and employee safety/ health concept embedded.
c.) sustainable relationship with TMC.

Quality Management of Suppliers

When purchasing materials from suppliers, an evaluation mechanism should be launched to secure the quality:
a.) quality.
b.) delivery on-time rate.
c.) price.
d.) service.
The evaluation should be on an annual base, if a supplier failed this evaluation, some help must be provided by TMC. If the supplier failed again, then this supplier will no longer be TMC’s supplier because of this disqualification.
TMC would try everything to lower down the risks from supply chain. Suppliers need to provide declarations of HSF(Hazardous Substance Free) and metal conflict-free on products.

Documents to be provided from Suppliers

  • Declaration of environment hazardous substances free, not to use hazardous substances prohibited by customers or RoHS.
  • Qualification of management system: suppliers need to get the qualification from international organization like ISO9001 or ISO14001. Not yet qualified suppliers need to have an action plan to get the qualification.
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Procurement Risk Management

To choose 2 or more qualified suppliers based on Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) to avoid material shortage or single supplier monopoly. If there is only one single supplier, the Company needs to develop new suppliers to secure the supply of material.

Supplier Management Documents