Business Philosophy

Business Strategy

  • To meet the reticle requirement from Semiconductor industry which the technology request is less than 90 nm, TMC will keep improving the technology.

The target for this year are:

  • Improving the technology in ArF PSM and OPC technology to meet the target TMC will also invest in related equipment to upgrade the production capacity.
  • The investment and development in the Large reticles and Special purposes reticles.

Regarding to LCD and bumping industry growth fast, the demand for the reticles are foreseeable increasing. TMC plan to expand intensive in large and special purposes reticle markets.

TMC Business Target

  • Strengthen developing the Large mask and special purposes mask market

Taiwan plays an important role in Integrated circuit OEM in the word .At the same time, the rapid growth in LCD market and bumping industry technology improved quickly also increase the reticles demand.

  • Enhance reticle market share in the global market and China market

As we all know that China government is fully support the semiconductor industry, we can see that there will be a large mask inquires in the near future. TMC will also speed up to develop global and China market.