ESH Policy

Taiwan Mask Corporation is a company dedicating on research and manufacturing on mask. Through properly usage of resources, risk management, and protection on physical and mental integrities of staffs, TMC will continue to improve the ESH performance.
TMC fully understands that its products, activities, and services may cause environmental and hazardous impacts. Therefore, we commit to establish an ESH audit and review system. To achieve a healthier environment and to fulfill our social responsibility, we will reach the goal of sustainable development by the following actions:

Sustainable Operation

The goals of running an effective ESH management system:
a.) Continuous improvements,
b.) Fulfillment the needs of our customers, employees and shareholders,
c.) Social responsibilities.

Regulation Compliance

Well-compliance with international and local ESH laws, regulations, standards, and other requirements.

Energy saving and waste reduction

Improving the effectiveness of pollution prevention to save energy and reducing industrial waste to create high-quality green products.

Hazard Prevention

To build a safety, health and zero-hazard work environment, the Company dedicated to implement injury and illness prevention, health evaluation and promotions. The Company needs also to reduce incident frequency to ensure safety of all persons in the workplace (including employees, suppliers, contractors, and visitors).

Total Communications

Build up environmental protection, safety and health concepts on employees, suppliers, and sub-contractors. Communications on ESH and safety awareness trainings are necessary for a better working environment.

All products produced by TMC are in accordance of EU RoHS.