The Set Up and Operation of CSR

Special task force for handling Corporate Social Responsibility and its operation status:

In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and to help a prosperous economy environment, TMC, in its corporate management guidelines and business operations, gives due consideration to the rights and interests of all stakeholders.
"The Best Practice Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility" is regulated and the CSR Management Committee is established to be in charge of proposing and enforcing the CSR mission.
TMC assigns a committee chairperson to be responsible for implementing a policy of CSR management. All related departments shall at all times pay attention to any changes in laws and relevant issues of social or environmental development issues.
Relevant management plans are established for corporate social responsibility programs and promotion and operation results are reported to the Board meeting regularly.

The plans and the results in conducting CSR are listed as follows:

  • Enhancing corporate governance and improving corporate business performance to protect shareholders’rights.
  • Investigating green products, utilizing all resources more efficiently and using renewable materials which have a low impact on the environment to improve sustainability of natural resources.
  • Reducing energy consumption to improve recyclability and reusability and preventing pollution.
  • Enhancing corporate environmental consciousness and management capability of employees and suppliers.
  • Protecting employees’rights and benefits and encouraging employees to participate in social welfare activities.

The Set Up and Operation of CSR

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